Partner Portal Software

Branded Partner Portal

A One-stop Partner Experience

Partner portals are not static websites. They are web-based enterprise systems with very specific functions. That said, they need to be branded and appear consistent with your current web presence. They need to engage and educate resellers, allow them to transact business and keep them current on new products and programs—providing them with a "one-stop" user experience. By providing a reliable portal that meets reseller needs, you increase their satisfaction level with your reseller program and help drive higher program participation.

Respond to the "Speed of Business"

To provide the one-stop user experience, your portal needs flexibility and must be kept fresh. EcoSoft 5.0™ gives you a variety of ways to do that. At the outset, you can include your Twitter feed, Blogs and RSSs, and videos from YouTube and other video hosting providers. But we go a lot farther than that. We give you an instant ability to add pages to your EcoSoft 5.0™ portal. The pages you add can be easily incorporated into the menu structure, giving the reseller easy access to them. And here's the best part: you can even add pages to the portal that are located on other websites—even external systems—and the reseller never leaves your EcoSoft 5.0™ portal. Through our advanced technology, you can create a true one-stop partner experience that is really exceptional.

Update your Portal – without programming

When we designed our "Speed of Business" technology we realized that channel marketers often need to act fast with the reseller network. They can't wait to hire a web developer or be told that there is no resource available to help them update the reseller portal. So in addition to the capability of creating sophisticated HTML pages, we also allow a channel marketer without graphic design expertise to add a graphic page to the portal on the fly.