Incentive Campaign Management Suite

Incentive Campaign Management Suite with Business Intelligence Features

WANTAGH, NY, April 24, 2013 – Gorilla Toolz Inc., Gorilla Toolz Inc., developer of EcoSoft cloud software for partner relationship management, today announced the release of updated Incentive Management tools for EcoSoft 2.5™. This upgrade features capabilities that enhance the workflow, visibility and ROI of incentive campaigns offered to indirect sales channels. In addition, added features create a layer of business intelligence that empowers channel marketers with unique data analysis dashboards.

Incentive fund campaigns are a proven way of increasing reseller sales pipeline. Successful incentive campaigns can yield returns as high as 3000%, but managing this kind of campaign can be an administrative challenge. Until now that administrative challenge prevented many companies from using incentive funds campaigns with their resellers.

The EcoSoft 3.0™ Incentive Campaign Management suite helps achieve your target ROI while maintaining control over the entire process. The software manages all aspects of an incentive campaign – from reseller contract management through payment with performance metrics reporting throughout. With EcoSoft 3.0™ you gain a powerful new tool that helps you improve sales and business intelligence while motivating your reseller network.

How It Works

Using EcoSoft 3.0™ you set budgets for each incentive campaign. Your resellers log in to the EcoSoft 3.0™ web portal to sign up for campaigns, reserve funding and register sales. Your channel managers work closely with resellers to approve incentive fund requests and payment.

“With this software release there are two important take-aways,” says Jay Fruin, Gorilla Toolz Founder and CEO. "First, we have simplified the administration and operation of incentive campaigns and second we added a layer of Business Intelligence that is typically lost when channel managers outsource incentive campaign management to third parties. These two important developments empower channel managers to easily manage their incentive campaigns internally.”

New Incentive Management Features Offered by EcoSoft 3.0™

  • Set and Track Incentive Campaign Budgets: Channel managers easily set campaign budgets that can be allocated by geographical region or partner group. Budgets are automatically tracked to insure they are allocated per plan. A budget dashboard shows the exact budget status in real-time.
  • Payment Reservation Process: Resellers log-in to the portal, view available incentive campaigns and then reserve campaign dollars for specific accounts. Channel managers review and approve payment reservation requests made by resellers.
  • Record Sales Details: When resellers request incentive payments, deal level data is collected and stored with the payment request. A wide variety of data can be collected giving you a deep understanding of the deal value, completion date, renewal date as well as potential competition.
  • Automated Alerts: Integrated into EcoSoft 3.0™, is an automated system of alerts and status updates. This means that, resellers, account managers and channel managers are always aware of the latest activity without having to log in to the EcoSoft 3.0™, portal.

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About Gorilla Toolz

Gorilla Toolz develops hosted software for B2B Partner Ecosystems. The company's flagship solution, EcoSoft 3.0™, helps organizations gain air-tight control over their indirect sales channel by connecting customers, partners and employees. Today, companies around the world rely on EcoSoft 3.0™ portal software to manage partner ecosystems.

Whether organizations rely on channel partners, distributors, resellers, dealers or suppliers for their indirect sales, EcoSoft 3.0™ portals help to significantly boost sales and margins. At the same time, marketing, tighter budget management, audit controls, and compliance/governance are all dramatically improved. The EcoSoft 3.0™ robust software and powerful workflow systems combine to create superior partner networking.