Recruit and On-board Partners

On-board and Manage Partners Effortlessly

Partner On-boarding Workflow

EcoSoft 5.0™ automates the partner on-boarding process by enabling prospective partners to apply for participation in your program. They apply via a simple on-line form in your EcoSoft 5.0™ portal. Their application is captured in the partner dashboard. You have an opportunity to review their capabilities, contact them and activate them, if you choose to do so. The process is simple and completely automated. Once approved, they digitally sign off on your Terms and Conditions agreement before gaining access to your EcoSoft 5.0™ portal.

Partner Dashboard

Our partner dashboard is designed to give you quick and easy access to your partner's status, skills and activities. You use the dashboard to approve partners, assign them to groups and change their status. Each partner's portal activity is tracked so you know how many users each partner company has and exactly how active they are.

Segmentation and Partner Groups

EcoSoft 5.0™ gives you the flexibility to create any number of partner groups. You can segment your partners by size, type or region. With the group capability you control access to portal pages, collateral, messaging, marketing programs and more.