Content Management

Content Management to Enable Partners

Easy, Controlled Access to Content and Collateral

A key requirement for any partner portal is to provide reseller access to marketing collateral, content and resources. Collateral should be quick and easy for the reseller to access and at the same time be easy for the vendor to manage. EcoSoft 5.0™ allows you to manage your marketing and sales material efficiently while making it a snap for the reseller to locate and download content.

Limit Access by Partner Segment

With EcoSoft 5.0™ you upload collateral, content and other resources and identify the partner segment or group that has access to it. Our very flexible and efficient partner group technology allows you to control access to every piece of content with a click of a button. You can even create a “group” of a single reseller, allowing you to create content, collateral and even custom portal pages that only that one partner can see.

Provide Access to Non-Traditional Content

Part of our corporate DNA is our need to build flexibility into our software. When we designed our Collateral Management capabilities we made sure they could handle all sorts of file types - everything from PDFs to JPEGs to Powerpoints. Then we considered that vendors have other needs too. Sometimes you want to offer your resellers software sales tools, software patches or other file types. So we handle them as well.

Videos and Learning Content

You can provide access to video content as well as static collateral. Video access is handled similarly, appearing in collateral searches for immediate viewing through the portal. Videos can also be connected to in-portal messaging in order to maximize top-of-mind with partners.

Search by Category

If you plan to upload a large amount of content, it can be organized by category to ease partner searching. Partners can also search for appropriate content by key words. As always, partners only get access to content that they are authorized to use.

Content Search Resluts

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