Grow, Manage
and Develop
Your Partner EcoSystem


Reduce time and effort needed to approve and on-board new partners into your partner program.


Bring partners up to speed quickly and provide collaboration tools to accelerate the sales process.


Manage your partner ecosystem by understanding their strengths and performance value.


Manage documents / collateral and training content and expedite sales cycle approval processes.


Manage your global partner program and incentivize easily - even Co-Op and MDF programs in local currency.


Seamless bi-directional integration: partners use your portal, you manage them in SFDC.

Easy to Use

One Stop


Real Time

Launch quickly and provide immediate benefit
to your global partner ecosystem.

Your Branded Partner Portal

Branding in your partner portal matches your website. Your home page can provide fast paths to the most common partner functions as well as live updates from your blog, RSS or twitter feed.

Exercise as much or as little control over the portal appearance and content as you wish. Create your own pages within the portal with full HTML capability. Even create special home pages for different partner types—resellers, strategic partners, distributors, however you characterize them.

You give all your partner-facing features the same appearance even for external functions, such as a specialized quote or learning management system, by using EcoSoft 5.0™ integration and Single Sign-On capabilities.

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Register Leads, Opportunities & Deals

Configure lead, opportunity, and deal management for your needs and terminology.

Partners can easily enter their leads/opportunities, register deals and apply for incentives.

You can register leads, assign partners, then track in the same way as partner-registered opportunities, with the same metrics and performance analysis.

Use integration with leading marketing automation systems to acquire more leads. Identify your own campaigns and those for leads imported from an integrated system to track campaign as well as partner metrics and analytics.

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Share Content and Collateral

Post partner collateral in a variety of formats, including documents, presentations, graphics, and marketing kits.

Identify collateral by category or key words for easy partner searches.

Target specific collateral, videos, and training materials as well as tests to just partners of the appropriate group.

Groups can be type, such as resellers vs distributors; level, such as bronze, silver, gold; or geography—whatever you want.

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Our Partners

Gorilla Toolz Partners

Channel Administrators

Oversee your partner ecosystem from the convenient Partner Dashboard. Manage the partner application and on-boarding process. Create terms & conditions documents required for portal access.

Control group membership and target content for visibility only by appropriate partners.

Manage the deal process, both from operational workflow and pipeline analysis perspectives.

Manage content, controlling visibility by partner, and time frame. View usage and partner ratings of your content to maximize value to the ecosystem.
Allocate incentive budgets and approve deal registrations and funding requests.

Partner Account Managers

Manage the on-boarding processes for that partners’ members, adding new members or approving requests to join, depending on the channel’s defined practices.

Identify partner member roles for access to accessible content and deal entry.


View and download content and collateral needed for successful sales performance.

Register your leads and opportunities. Work leads assigned to you from the channel.

Manage deals according to a defined workflow. Request and receive incentive payments based on deal performance.

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