Partner Marketing Automation

Partner Marketing Automation Overview

EcoSoft 5.0™ is integrated with leading marketing automation platforms such as Pardot, Marketo and eTrigue. This allows you to run sophisticated partner marketing campaigns to acquire prospects and capture expressions of interest from visits to your website. When a prospect meets your criteria, the automated integration imports them into the portal, notifying the partner that a new lead has been assigned. Partners use the same consistent interface to manage these leads and promote them to opportunities as those they enter themselves. All leads can be viewed together in an integrated pipeline or separately for analysis of campaign effectiveness.

How It Works

EcoSoft 5.0™ connectors use the APIs of the marketing automation software. The connection service runs periodically over a secure HTTPS connection to examine prospects that have not previously been imported into EcoSoft. If the prospect now meets the selection criteria, a new lead is created in EcoSoft. Notifications are sent to appropriate parties (as determined in configuration of the connector) when new leads are created and assigned to a partner.

To configure and implement the Connector for a client, the client sets up a marketing user account specifically for EcoSoft use. General flow of integration is that when the connector service executes it imports all prospects modified since the last execution into an intermediate table, field for field. Then these imported prospects are examined to determine if they meet the criteria for creation of a new lead.

Configuration options established during EcoSoft setup identify which objects and fields are selected from the raw imports for creation of a Lead and associated Customer/Contact record, as well as defining some basic values to be set in the objects created. Configuration also determines the selection criteria. Selection criteria may, for example, be based on the required minimum information (such as prospect name and email) as well as specific prospect responses on your webform. Selection scoring algorithms can also be set to determine the minimum amount of activity and information provided by the prospect to make it eligible to establish an EcoSoft lead.

Beyond standard configuration, the EcoSoft marketing automation connector can be customized to accommodate special client needs, such as marketing system custom fields, more complex selection criteria, or automated rules for assignment of imported leads to specific partners, for example based on geography or other criteria.


With the seamless integration of EcoSoft 5.0™, there is no reason not to use the best-of-breed approach in acquiring marketing and sales technology. Leading marketing automation software has a proven value in running campaigns to identify and capture prospects, grow relationships, and help nurture prospects along the journey towards becoming a customer. At some point the prospect demonstrates enough interest and commitment to become a lead and be assigned to a partner to close the sale and for product delivery/implementation. EcoSoft 5.0™ can automate that hand-off and help track, manage, and improve your partner sales processes with analysis of outcomes.

Operationally, the partner assigned an imported lead uses the same consistent, easy-to-use interface to manage these leads and promote them to opportunities as for those they enter themselves. There is no need for them to learn different systems or procedures. The immediate benefit of integrated marketing automation and partner relationship management technology is faster delivery of more leads to your partners. This double acceleration enhances the value of your partner network and boosts your sales. The impact on your bottom line is obvious.

Another benefit, perhaps even more important, is in sales management. View all leads together in an integrated pipeline. Or separate them for more detailed analysis to identify weak points in your processes, partners, or campaigns. What you learn in this fashion may ultimately be more powerful than the direct impact to revenue as you apply the insights you gain to improve your marketing efforts and processes.