Deal Registration

Lead, Opportunity and Deal Registration

Easy-to-Use, Consistent and Intuitive: Deal registration is the cornerstone of every reseller program. It offers both the reseller and vendor company a way to manage channel conflict while providing a means of communicating reseller sales pipeline. Getting partners to register deals has always been a challenge. Our approach is that a clean, consistent and easy-to-use portal helps reduce the reseller's reluctance to register deals. That's why our Lead, Opportunity, Deal and even Co-op and MDF user interfaces are so similar.

Flexible Configuration Options: Every reseller program is different and therefore requires different data capture, workflow and process. The EcoSoft 5.0™ deal registration workflow is configured to meet your needs and terminology. Hundreds of configuration options make this a very flexible capability.

Full integration with the Customer Account, Partner Account, Contact, Lead, Opportunity, Product and Task/Activity Objects

If you use to manage reseller sales pipeline, EcoSoft 5.0™ offers an easy and cost effective way for partners to register deals with data they enter automatically pushed into your instance. Your channel managers can view reseller pipeline in and even make changes that are then automatically available in your EcoSoft 5.0™ portal.

deal registration

deal registration