Accelerate Partner Sales Effectively

Accelerate Partner Sales Through Improved Communications

Our software includes unique targeted in-portal messaging capabilities. Keep top-of-mind with your partners. Alert them to campaigns, events and topics you feel are most important. Create messaging and connect it with the partner segment you want to target - the software does the rest.

Automated Reminders

EcoSoft 5.0™ is designed to perform two types of automated reminder messaging, event triggered and time triggered. Both methods are designed to improve communication between you and your partners without adding to your workload. EcoSoft 5.0™ monitors events in the system and when appropriate sends a branded reminder message to the partner, for example when you assign a lead to a partner or approve a partner’s request for an incentive payment. An example of a time-triggered notification is an alert to the partner and channel manager of deal inactivity beyond the threshold you set. There are over 100 other customizable event and time triggers in our software.

Partners Have Their Own Dashboard

We have made it easy for partners to see the exact status of all their deals and incentive requests using their own dashboard. No need to keep off-line spreadsheets or exchange wasteful emails with your channel team.