Announcing Supernova – Vartopia Integration Ready-To-Go

Your EcoSoft Partner Portal Integrated With Vartopia's Deal Registration Network

Gorilla Toolz and Vartopia team together to create Supernova, a complete PRM platform with Deal Registration fully integrated with

WANTAGH, NY, February 10, 2015 – Gorilla Toolz Inc. announces that the EcoSoft 4.0™ cloud-based Partner Relationship Management (PRM) platform now combines with Vartopia as Supernova to provide a completely integrated, comprehensive partner portal connecting seamlessly with the Vartopia Deal Registration system and

Supernova provides resellers and other channel partners with the partner relationship management features of the EcoSoft 4.0™ portal. From the portal, through single sign-on, resellers can enter and manage deals with a single consistent interface for any of the vendors in the Vartopia Deal Registration network. Vartopia has processed over $40 billion in registered pipeline deals to date. The channel owner manages the partner network through its CRM system, with full visibility to partner actions taken in the portal and to all its deals registered in Vartopia.

"With Supernova, Gorilla Toolz and Vartopia allow channel owners to manage their indirect sales ecosystems using their familiar system," says Jay Fruin, Chief Executive Officer of Gorilla Toolz Inc. "And they give the channel’s resellers the same kind of uniform user experience to help lower the barriers to participation in the channel partner program."

"We were amazed when we saw how well the features of Vartopia and EcoSoft 4.0™ complemented each other," says Vartopia CEO Michael Reilly. "Together, as Supernova, they make a complete package for channel managers."

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About Gorilla Toolz

Gorilla Toolz develops hosted partner portals for B2B Partner Ecosystems. The company's flagship solution, EcoSoft 4.0™, helps organizations gain air-tight control over their indirect sales channel by bringing together partners, pipeline, workflow, ROI and community. Today companies around the world rely on EcoSoft 4.0™ portal software to deliver partner ecosystems that decrease costs, increase sales insight, and drive new revenue.

Whether your organization relies on channel partners, distributors, resellers, dealers or suppliers for your indirect sales model, EcoSoft 4.0™ portals can help you dramatically boost sales, improve marketing, deliver tighter budget management, increase audit controls, enhance compliance and governance, and enable superior partner networking. Our robust software and powerful workflow systems combine to create scalable portals that help individual partner communities grow into cohesive ecosystems.

About Vartopia

Vartopia is all about removing barriers to channel collaboration.
As VARs, we delivered solutions that included products from 25 different vendors. We focused on deal registration to increase profits and deepen relationships with partners but couldn’t overcome the challenges of managing registrations with that many vendor systems. Each year we left 10%--20% additional profit on the table.

As Vendors, we saw channel teams struggle to roll out new programs. IT development added months to the time needed to roll out a new channel reward initiative. Also, alliances teams working with other companies created high-value solutions that failed when they hit the channel. The teams could see their products being registered but not the joint solution. Without sales visibility, they couldn’t provide early support necessary to win the first deals.

Learning from these experiences, as Vartopia we first developed the multi-vendor registration tool for channel partners. Then vendors asked us for a better deal registration system. Then alliance teams sought help with their challenges. Today the Vartopia Deal Registration Network exists as technology supporting collaboration among all ecosystem participants.